Checking on sausages, first sign of green!

On Friday I went up to check the wool sausages, first time since we installed them with help from Gurkhas and other volunteers.

This time I was limping my way with a sprained ankle but in good company, company who had that great opportunity to see that first moment of life growing out on our felts.: small patches of bright green algae!


Not only the algae but the sausages gave a moment of hope as they appear to be slowing the erosion of the peat.


Right now I am working on developing the next stage of the project hoping to find a way of working simply and practically with the wool. Watch this space!


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6 Responses to Checking on sausages, first sign of green!

  1. beaconsbuggy says:

    Really encouraging news Pip – If I expand the photo and screw my eyes up, I *think* I can spot the green you are talking about! We will have to get up there and see for ourselves. Give a shout when you are making your next trip.

  2. Erin Rickard says:

    Yes, i’d love to make the journey there too!
    This is really exciting, looking forward to seeing it develop 🙂

  3. Sally Lomax says:

    Ouch, walking with a sprained ankle sounds horrid, but well done you for getting all the way up there – yet again. How encouraging to see the greening up of the wool and all the other small changes. Please let me know when you get to whatever the next stage is, I’d love to be involved.

  4. Cath Barton says:

    I think I can see the green too – GREAT! All power to you Pip.

  5. Muriel Dobson says:

    Great news Pip. Let’s hope that the moss growth heralds ‘green shoots’ of succession. Next year could be exciting – let’s hope so. I really look forward to seeing it again – and the wooly sausages.

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