Next steps

I am working  on how to continue ‘drawing’ on  Pen Trumau. Looking at the aerial photographs the wool resembles stitches and the drawing together of a wound.

Some time ago I picked up information about something called ‘viral funding’ link to< > and I thought of setting up an invitation through the sponsume web site to ask people to sponsor a metre of restoration at £12 per metre.


This would pay for buying felt, pegs, wool sausages and the horse transport. If I can set it up, I would like to put in two more lines either side of the existing line and then add some more wool sausages to link them together as if repairing the peat bog through darning stitches.

I am currently researching ways of creating wool sausages and nets to put them in.

Does anyone have thoughts on all this?

On the current rate of progress it would take 234 years to repair the whole site………. but with an exponential growth in support, doubling the effort each year, we could cover the whole site in less than 6 years!


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One Response to Next steps

  1. Ruth Brown says:

    Going for sponsorship or some sort of support is a great idea! But with sponsume it seems you have to offer discounts or rewards to people who buy vouchers for your project. Do you have something to offer them? Maybe there are other ways of raising money that can take into account the work that has been put in as match funding. I know a man to ask about that.

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