the next stage……..

At the moment I am trying to sort out funding to keep the woollen line going, in effect writing a plan for the next 6 years. As at any one moment I cannot dream what issue might arise this is not easy.

However I have talked about working with horses as a means of transporting more wool up onto the mountain and using felt made in a dry process called needle felting.

So for 2011 I would like to organise a day/ some days when we carry felts up and peg down two more lines either side of the existing line as well as installing a load of wool ‘sausages’.


Prior to this I will need to find a way to make loads more nets, get them stuffed and then brought to the start location for installation. Also I have to find the right kind of string/ wool/yarn to make the nets from as jute string may not be the best material given the possibility that it may be treated with nasty chemicals as a preservative…….

If anyone has ideas please let me know.


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2 Responses to the next stage……..

  1. Mike Scruby says:

    Very impressive! I have no doubt you will achieve this. Having spent quite a bit of time looking at, and thinking about erosion scars on the Beacons and Hatterrall, the hardest part is getting the momentum to start with. You won’t need to cover the whole thing – I’m sure that once you start breaking up the scar with lines, and seeding and stabilistion starts taking place as it obviously is already, soil stabilistaion will spread out from these lines. You just have to find the optimum spacing for the lines!Let me know when you’re going up next – I’d like to come up if I could – and happy to help when I can.

    • caerhendre says:

      Very interesting to hear you talk about the lines and encouraging too! I spend a lot of time doing sums and working out how to find the resources. My guess is that, year on year things will change and we jut have to keep plugging away at it.

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