2011 Two new lines

After long thought and discussion I have decided that we will install the new lines and ‘sausages’ at the beginning of May  ( not April as I had originally thought). Several reasons for change of plan, lambing will nearly be over, it might be warmer ( hopefully) and it provides more time to sort out the logistics of taking more wool up and working with horses. I already lose sleep wondering how we will get all the wool up onto the mountain, take a look at the size of one of the 16 bales of felt below…………..

So the current plan is to carry wool up with horses and helpers on Tuesday 10th and Wenesday 11th May and then have an extra day on Saturday 14th May putting everything in place.

Volunteers are need on all the days, and those willing and able to lead horses are especially welcome on the Tuesday and Wednesday as I need 8 people to lead horses carrying the packs. Please let me know if you can help.

I am also goingto need help packing the wondeful ‘saddle’ bags that I have created prior to this. This will involve cutting the felts to length and packing them carefully , again please get in touch if you are interested.

I am running sessions to make wool sausages, at my studio on April 7th , 8th, 14th  from 2.30-4.30 and at Arts Alive on 20th April 10.30-12.30. Please get in touch if you would like to come along. There may be other dates later in April too.

This is what the felt looks like on a roller, I have 16 ordered!


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  2. Taz Klappholz says:

    Hello Pip,
    I’d like to volunteer myself and family and Llangynidr Cubs to help some more – I’m also happy to help with saddlebags. A thought – Ieuan is 14 and community minded, he is strong and practical so quite useful if you think he’d be suitable in any way. Regards trek to lay sausages – if you still need I’d like to lead a horse or carry. Dates are in my diary. Taz

    • caerhendre says:

      Dear Val,
      Taz, here is a copy of the email I sent to Val Meredith tha t you may liek to use to talk to your school.
      Good Luck

      Building on the work I did last year on the Woollen line, I have been
      successful in obtaining grants to enable me to lay two more lines of
      felted wool on the Pen Trumau scar this year and to hire 10 horses to
      carry the 900 or so kilos of wool up onto the mountain.

      Last year the involvement of Gwynerfed School was key to the success
      of the project. Not only did your students make a huge amount of the
      felt but their involvement created a local consciousness of the
      project which has grown and developed to the extent that I was invited
      to apply for grants because of the success of the project in its
      engagement with local communities. The project has begun to attract
      widespread interest well beyond the National Park area as it addresses
      issues concerning climate change, water management and economic

      This year instead of working with volunteers to make felt I am buying
      it as a prelude to developing this work, doubling the effort each
      year. However I am making wool ‘sausages’, nets stuffed with washed
      wool to be used to slow water moving across the scar. The ‘sausages’
      appear to be making a substantial contribution to slowing erosion on
      the scar and in addition offer an important potential for the use of
      low grade wool. My future intention is to look at the science involved
      in use of the wool, bringing my artists’ approach to that of other

      It would be wonderful to continue to involve your students in this
      project as it increases in profile so that Gwynerfed School remains at
      the heart of the work.
      I am happy to come into school and work with your students, ideally in
      the first week of school after the Easter holidays and would like to
      invite you to bring students to join the installation work, when I
      hope to also enlist the help of the Ghurkas who came to help last
      year. We are installing on Tuesday and Wednesday 10th and 11th of May.

      This week I had a group of Llangynidr guides here to make wool
      ‘sausages’ some of whom helped last year, it was fascinating to see
      how much impact the project had on their questions and listening ,
      their previous involvement clearly had built a sense of deep and
      positive engagement in this difficult subject area.

      Please let me know if you are able to bring students to help this year.

      Best wishes


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