Some photos of what we have been up to these last two days….


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4 Responses to Some photos of what we have been up to these last two days….

  1. Ceri says:

    Had a great day yesterday Pip, thank you. It was heartwrenching to see the area close up and in ‘real time’. Until we were up there I couldn’t really begin to comprehend how much devastation the fire caused all those years ago. Hugely saddening but equally inspiring with what you have achieved so far and the amount of on-going support and determination again this year. It was fantastic to have the opportunity to be involved in the action! – well done all and thanks again.

  2. Kate Inglis says:

    We just wanted you to know what a great time we had up the mountain with you all today. Tim & Maggie genuinely enjoyed the experience and it was lovely seeing them joining in so much of their own accord! Having been up there, the whole project makes a lot more sense now and we would hope to visit again and see changes in the future. Many thanks for all your lovely food, we were only sorry that we could not stay longer. We made it in time for the piano lesson – so all was well!
    We hope you feel satisfied with your progress this week and well done to everyone involved.
    Kate, Tony, Tim & Maggie

  3. becca says:

    Hi, Pip and Gil,
    Just wanted to say what a wonderful – if exhausting – time I had helping to peg the felt on Saturday. The scope of what you are trying to achieve is awesome. It was wonderful to be part of something that will hopefully regenerate the mountain and sustain it for generations to come. An unforgettable experience. I will gladly help again – and not just for the wonderful cakes at the end of it all! Best wishes, Becca

  4. Sue Winter says:

    I definitely would like to be involved next year. I have followed the woollen line journey so far (from London) and think this unique concept is proving itself. It is working, sufficient individuals want to be involved and obviously the person whose dream it was is in it for the ‘long haul’. To wish to repair nature to its natural state that has been ravaged by ………. is commendable and has now been proved possible. I thank all those involved, hopefully next time I will be involved too (instead of sitting on the side line!).

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