Pen Trumau, the site of the Woollen lines, is a Site of Special Scientific Interest. On Wednesday 6th June Clive Eiles, member of Brecon Beacons Park Society will lead a walk from the Gospel Pass across to Pen Trumau to meet artist Kirsty Claxton and myself. The walk will then continue down to Waun Fach Hamlet where we will be picked up and taken to the Mynydd Ddu tearooms to enjoy tea and cake while discussing the artists’ work stimulated by Pen Trumau.

Full details are on the Brecon Beacons Park Society website http://www.breconbeaconsparksociety.org/walks/guided-walks/june-2012/

Please book as soon as possible as numbers are limited and we need to sort transport


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  1. Jain Boon says:

    Hello Pip, It was lovely to meet you last week in Abergavenny.
    I first heard about your incredible project, after asking the poet Christopher Meredith if he would mind me reading some of his poetry at a bookstore reading of Welsh Contemporary Poetry .I said, ‘They want something to do with the landscape’ He then began to tell me about the Black Mountains poems he had written as part of his contribution to the Bog-Mawnog Project.
    I am fascinated by your desire not only to bring these different artists together to respond to the landscape, but also how it will contribute to repairing some of the damage caused by fire in the 1970’s.
    I am a theatre practitioner and towards the end of the month I shall be visiting Bucharest to work alongside and share practice with someone I met last year at a children’s theatre showcase in Warsaw. My friend and work colleague, Daniela Miscov asked me if I might be interested in performing some poetry in reponse to the publication of a ‘Lexicon of UnEnglish English’. The poems are to be translated by students of English at Bucharest University into Romanian and also read on the evening. Daniela was inspired after hearing about the British Library’s new exhibition, Writing Britain: Wastelands to Wonderlands, and having now read more about how the artists in your project responded to their environment I would very much like to share with the audience at the bookstore a sense of the overall project.
    I was particularly struck by Christopher’s description ‘the writing had developed not only in relation to the place and the deepening experience of mingling with it when we’ve worked on the woollen lines, but also in interaction with other artists’.
    This is an incredibly inspiring story from any artist and a reminder of what may be possible when immersing ourselves in place and people.

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