New alongsiders

I drafted this post two months ago and then got buried in the arrangements for the September installation. However a huge thank you must go to the Sustainable Development Fund and Brecon Beacons Trust as the latest bodies to join the growing list of those that support the Woollen lines. Without the financial support of different grant schemes the lines cannot grow.

Also alongside financial help is the priceless support of people like Dan at Onya bags for another donation of his super lightweight bags which get used to move small quantities of wool up onto the hill when we do not have ponies.

The British wool Marketing Board are another source of generous support supplying washed wool that can be used to make wool sausages in places where we cannot use greasy wool.

Finally and definitely not least is the generous patience of Danny Games and his family in accommodating wool, ponies and people at the farm during the various events that start from Blaenau Fry.

Obviously in thanking  people I have not forgotten the 82 volunteers who helped peg down the new lines and the quiet but essential support of Tregoyd Mountain Riders.

Quite a roll call! Thank you.


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1 Response to New alongsiders

  1. Lin Charlston says:

    A fantastic achievement. Bravo!

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