Taking a line for a walk

October is always the month when the Big Draw a national campaign to promote drawing happens so it seemed appropriate to join the Woollen lines to all those other lines that will be being made this October. So once again on Sunday 21st October I will be taking wool up onto the mountain. All meeting details will follow.

When I began to think about the Woollen lines three years ago, it was in response to a conversation about conservation of peat and how to involve people in discussion of the issues. Since its inception in 1999 I had been involved in running events as part of the Campaign to Promote Drawing and was inspired by how many people found joy in making their own mark. Creating the first Woollen line was quite an exceptional experience for me and I recently found a quotation (below) from artist Jeff Koons that perhaps articulates something about my motivation. Others have their own reasons for working the way they do but climbing 2 miles up to Pen Trumau in all weathers and carrying, wool or leading ponies has become my way. Whatever come and join me on 21st October to make a fresh line!

Art is about connecting to everything that it means to be alive – but you have to act. If you have an idea you have to move on it, to make a gesture. Drawing is an immediate way of articulating that idea- of making a gesture that is both physical and intellectual.

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