Smiling weather forecast

I have been out today putting up signs and moving wool around, a stunning day (also interspersed with collecting apples and juicing them, very satisfying).

Tomorrow looks like being another beautiful day but please do remember if you are coming up on the hill to ‘grow and green’ the lines it can be much colder and extra layers plus waterproofs are really essential. I do have some of the latter to lend but wrap up warm.

Look forward to seeing you all for what promises to be a extraordinary day.


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2 Responses to Smiling weather forecast

  1. Sally Lomax says:

    Hi Pip,
    You were right, it was an extraordinary day today, 21st October, 2012. Weather beautiful, but as you predicted windy and colder up the top. Fantastic to do some planting and our efforts were very visible, which was most satisfying. Thanks for organising the whole expedition. Tired and a bit stiff now, but so pleased to have been involved – even if I was one of the last up the mountain and one of the first down again!! Grannies are allowed to be like that aren’t they?
    Great tea and goodies to eat at the end. Thanks again.
    Sally Lomax

  2. Cath Barton says:

    Dear Pip – Have to echo what Sally has said. What a brilliant day – and the sausage rolls and cakes were delicious! Hope you were pleased.

    Cath and Oliver

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