So now a few people in the House of Commons are going to know about the Woollenline

On Tuesday 4th June John and Rose Morris, Graham Cowden, Gil Chambers and I are going to the House of Commons to receive a prize offered by the Campaign for National Parks, the Park Protector award.

We are just a handful of the 800 or so people who have made the Woollen lines. However without John, who is vice chair of the Black Mountain Graziers there would be no Woollen lines, as back in December 2009 it was he who had sufficient courage or perhaps curiousity to support my request for permission to lay the first line. Without this I would not have been able to get my section 28 agreement from the Countryside Council for Wales ( a permission needed because the hill is a site of special scientific interest.) Both John and Rose have helped me learn a little about farming in the uplands.

Graham Cowden has trodden a difficult path  translating the languages of science and bureacracy to help me keep some sense of myself and what it was I had first thought we might try. He has helped me keep my nerve.

Gil is my partner, he has stalwartly stood by me, cutting wool, making nets, pegging wool, designing our recent exhibition with Kirsty Claxton and making loads of jam tarts. He has a lot of patience!

But there are many more people who need to be recognised it is just that the room in the House of Commons would not hold us all! So thank you everyone!

The Woollen line is a strange piece of work, it has caught imagination , inspired enthusiasm , enabled risk and experiment.  Perhaps more than all this it has awakened the spirit of curiousity and the sense that we can actually act to effect changes.

I think it has ignited a different type of fire from the one that caused the damage in the first place……………..


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