Thinking about weather

Glorious hot sunny days seem to have been an image from some romantic past memory until just recently, then suddenly we are all enjoying the freedom of not wearing loads of clothes and bracing against cold. Obviously for some people heat and work can be real misery. However I have been thinking about those little seedlings, shoots just emerging from the seed, how will they be faring under the brutal gaze of the sun in the shifting substrate that is the surface of the Pen Trumau peat scar?

I was reading an article only today that spoke about the perils of ever imagining that any of us can control the world around us, protect against the chance events and circumstances that can change everything in a blink. Sometimes we can take steps to look after ourselves and others but there are some things that are way beyond our control. For those who grow food for a living, or to live and feed themselves the weather is everything.

The weather of  the islands of Britain is notoriously changeable and perhaps that is why we talk about it so much. However it lacks the extremes that are life and death on a daily basis in other parts of the world. Nonetheless this year farmers in Britain have had to contend with some pretty extreme conditions.

My little area of wavy hair grass is giving me much to consider and the weather is teaching me more!


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