Making a living drawing on Pen Trumau

The title does sound ambiguous! however come along and create living green lines alongside the woolly ones by planting cotton grass plugs. October is always the month when the Big Draw a national campaign to promote drawing happens so it seemed appropriate to join the Woollen lines to all those other lines that will be being made this October.

We will meet at 1.30pm at Blaenau Fry, direction map and route below. Please share lifts with friends to reduce cars on site as this is private land and it is through the generosity of the farmer that we are able to use it for parking and tea. There is no public parking at the farm normally.

PLEASE dress warmly and bring extra layers. Pen Trumau is a very hostile environment, almost always windy and often very  cold. It is always deceptive when we set off from the comparative shelter of the farm. Even when sunny we have to take care as there is no shelter.

As always there will be tea and cake on return ( check out previous comments on the blog!)

Please let me know if you are coming along .



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