A little explanation

To explain the photographs that I posted last week in a rush of enthusiasm .

On the area where the spiralling wool was laid there had been no vegetation growing at all. It was on this patch that, on midsummer morning 2013 we sowed wavy hair grass which miraculously germinated, grew and made it through to March 2014 when the torrential rain sheared a lot of it off. However some has survived and grown as has a great deal of the cotton grass plugs that we planted this summer.

Undoubtedly common cotton grass works best up on the scar behaving much like couch grass by tillering under the surface. In fact where Graham and I planted in 2011 the plugs have grown so much that they have bridged across more than two metres of open ground. This is visible if you can decipher the photos.

Plugs planted alongside the lowest line of wool by the team from the Severn Bridge are also thriving and what is obvious is that where the wool has stabilised the surface the plants do a great deal better. This despite the fact that in some places and for no obvious reason the planting gets torn out by the force of wet and wind.

Having had this happy visit we are now preparing to go up in November to do some more planting. It will be cold but anyone is welcome to join us but do get in touch and I will email date, time and start point.


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