Images from a very misty midsummer morning in 2013

Here is a link to a very short film made during the extraordinary midsummer sowing of wavy hair grass seed in 2013. The seed grew and there are pictures in the archives, then last spring the fierce rain washed out some of the small plants. However as other later pictures testify that seed sowing has held in places and is gradually providing the first wash of green over the exposed black scar.

Somehow there is so much to learn from the speed at which the natural world operates………………

Here is the link anyway


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3 Responses to Images from a very misty midsummer morning in 2013

  1. An evocative film – makes me want to return to this other world……

  2. Tony gale says:

    Good luck with your efforts to stem the erosion I was on an O level field trip way back in 1972 when part of the course was to trek up Pen Trumau and then follow a stream/river South past I think Crickhowell as a 16 yr old from East London (quite flat!) a day I’ve always remembered.

    • caerhendre says:

      Thank you for your interest and your own personal story. After walking up there more than 50 times it is still a haul! If you are in the area and fancy a walk up there we will be seed sowing on midsummer day again this year and I am always ready to retry the walk to see if I feel any fitter.

      Watch the blog as I have nearly completed another film.

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