A late midsummer walk

On Monday 13th July I am walking up onto Pen Trumau with a small group. We have a few wool sausages to peg in place to assist in the erosion control and may well plant seed but mainly it is a walk to engender some reflection on the past 5 years’ efforts.

We will also be accompanied by one pack pony carrying wool and one rider to lead the pack pony.

We are starting at Taly Maes Farm gate where there is very limited parking as it harvest time and there will be tractors moving around both at our start point and up the road. So please let me know if you would like to come so I can arrange lift shares from Crickhowell to avoid the need to aggravate traffic problems in the valley.

There will be tea on returning but as always please bring your own food and plenty of water and waterproof clothing. Pen Trumau weather is hugely unpredictable!

I will send location and times to individuals who respond rather than posting them on this blog.



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One Response to A late midsummer walk

  1. Cath Barton says:

    Great to see the grasses growing and spreading. And great to walk, One foot in front of the other – that’s what life is all about,

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