Gentle rain

I have walked up to Pen Trumau three times in the last month, yesterday being the third. I also had two conversations with different people in and around Brecon both of whom had been up to have a look recently. 

Both commented that they felt that there was little signs of growth on the scar.

When I first saw Pen Trumau scar there was little vegetation growing on the scar except the three islands of cotton grass and some isolated mature tumps. The main body of the peat was completely devoid of life. Yesterday when I looked back towards the woollen lines  the grey wool is now greenish with algal growth and fringed with the spreading ( but nibbled) cotton grass plugs that we have been planting since 2011.

For me this is a miracle.

Human beings in the 21st century move fast. Writing this I am using the amazing technology that we have developed. But once in a while it might be worth considering how life on earth began. How life moved slowly out of the water to colonise the land. How the elements both fight and nurture growth.

If you have never visited Pen Trumau it will be difficult to imagine just how tenacious life must be to survive the violent forces of weather.

Our work over the last 5 years is also testimony to effort and hope, perhaps it now needs patience.


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One Response to Gentle rain

  1. Alison Kidd says:

    I was delighted by the tiny patches of cotton grass all over the place yesterday compared to my previous visits. Big difference!

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