Drawing Woollenlines

Here is the link to Drawing Woollenlines , my filmed drawing of some of the many lives that made Woollenline possible.

I wanted to capture voices and images of the very different people who have given time and energy to explore a way of healing the pen Trumau peat scar.

The ever present wind is well  represented being the most consistent element in the work!



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One Response to Drawing Woollenlines

  1. Sally Lomax says:

    “Drawing Woollenlines” is a beautiful, evocative glimpse into a heart-warming experience for those of us who took part in some small way in this wonderful adventure. Heart-warming as I struggled when the sun shone and when the cold bit. But always worth the climb.
    I love it. The sound of the wind, that was such an important and lasting influence on the top of the mountain, captures the harshness of the place as well as the beauty.
    It’s so exciting to see the green of vegetation at the end of the film, what a great achievement.
    Thank you Pip.

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