Wool and lines

So yesterday I was visiting the offices of the Brecon Beacons National Park.

One member of staff is still making string nets with her teenage daughter and friends.

The bale of scoured wool donated by the British Wool marketing Board is now on the hill being used as part of the restoration work on the highest point, Waun Fach, in the Black Mountains.

And I received these images and message from Mark Fisher of the Black Mountain Gliding Club



I was flying on Sunday 28th, and managed to get a couple of pics of Pen Trumau, the line is very faint now to the naked eye….

 I only took 4 pics, it was difficult to get anywhere near that hill due to the NE wind, and the associated sinking air on that side of the mountain!

all the best

Mark’s words about the faintness of the lines reminded me of when the first Woollenline was drawn. The sudden realisation that once we make a mark there is no way we can take it back. Whilst this carries responsibility it is also a deeper reminder of what it is to be human, we all create our own individual marks that can inform some one, somewhere and at some time.

The wool lines on Pen Trumau keep changing


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