Growing woollen lines in 2011

To finalise the work we did in May we are carrying 1,000 wooden pegs up onto the hill to peg in the last reaming bags of wool, I imagine it will not take too long, an hour maximum, but obviously this depends on the number of people who come along. My recent ‘open studio’ event may have encouraged some new volunteers which is brilliant.

It is imperative that you all know that whatever the weather it is always cold on the top! With current weather conditions it is also very exposed and therefore the sun can be dangerous. Please bring suitable clothing for all weather and wear appropriate footwear for a fairly steep walk on mostly grass but some stony ground. Also you will need to bring your own food and drink for a 4 hour outing. 

Hopefully the weather will be kind to us and we will have another exciting day with no mishaps. I have alerted the BBNPA wardens and mountain rescue as to our plans and carried out a risk assessment but ultimately it is up to everyone to be responsible so we can all have a happy and successful few days.

Please let me know if you need more information.


3 Responses to Growing woollen lines in 2011

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  2. Sally Lomax says:

    Hi Pip,
    I’m sorry that I can’t make the first two days, 10th and 11th, but can help on 14th. So all being well it will be me, Ken and a friend called Becca on the Saturday.
    Looking forward to the challenge!

  3. Sally Lomax says:

    Just had a long hot soak in the bath after returning from a strenuous day helping to install the woollen line. The sun shone and the wind blew but still a comfortable walk most of the way, but at the top the wind was much stronger and made it quite difficult at times. Some of the felt had escaped from the saddle bags and been blown about, so needed collecting again, but surprising that more hadn’t gone considering the strength of the wind. Laying and pegging the line was really hard work, but once we were in a rhythm it grew quickly and was very satisfying. Still we didn’t peg all the felt – more to be done another time. Wonderful to get out of the wind when we were off the top and then when we were back at base lots of delicious food and tea.
    I’m still amazed at the amount of work Pip has put in – and her vision. It is an astounding project. Great to be involved – an unusual and satisfying way to spend a Saturday.

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